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Lazer Z1 white


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Lazer Z1 Helmet – matte black

The Z1 is a lightweight, highly comfortable and great ventilated racing helmet with improved side impact protection. With the comfortable ARS® adjustment system and the integrated adjustable head basket, the fit of the helmet can symmetrically be tightened without any pressure points on the head. The rigidity brace system offers superior resistance against multiple impact crashes. 31 optimized vents ensure the helmet interior stays cool and comfortable and fluo color increase visibility in low light conditions.

Highlights of the Lazer Z1 Helmet

  • Lightweight: One of the lightest road helmets available on the market
  • Advanced Rollsys system: Ponytail-friendly top-mounted fit system for easy horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Nylon layer and T-Pro Temple protection: For extra protection in the event of a crash even in ethe temple area of the head
  • Rear LED light compatible: Upgrade for increased visibility at night
  • Lazer LifeBEAM compatible: Upgrade for chest strap-free heartrate monitoring with Lazer LifeBEAM
  • Lazer Magneto eyewear docking: Conveniently dock your Lazer Magneto eyewear on the rear of your Lazer Z1 helmet with MagDocs
  • Comes with extra red pads: Choose between red or black colored padding
  • UCI World Tour helmet: Worn and enjoyed by professionals during multiple UCI World Tour wins

Technologies of the Lazer Z1 Helmet

The Rigidity Brace system is a reinforcement for a superior helmet resistance against multi impacts. This system is comparable with a roll cage in a racecar. In case of a crash this will keep the cracked EPS pieces together so the helmet still offers some form of protection. This system does not guarantee the effectiveness of a helmet after a crash, every helmet needs to be inspected carefully after a crash and in case of dents or cracks it should be replaced.

the Advanced Rollsys system is a fully integrated mechanism which surrounds the head completely. By turning a smooth thumb wheel, situated on top of the helmet the system permits an accurate and progressive peripheral sizing adjustment. The fit of the helmet will symmetrically be tightened without any pressure points on the head.

At Lazer safety is the major concern, that’s why Lazer has added fluo colors to the helmets. This high visibility paint is a combination of regular paint and a little Lazer magic to make sure the color doesn’t fade over time.






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