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Lazer Sphere MIPS Blue Haze


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The Sphere helmet is your friend on the road. Created with the Advanced Rollsys® system, it is intended to bring you ultimate comfort while being perfectly adjusted. The 18 air inlet and outlet holes for cooling and ventilation connected by carefully designed internal channels are provided to draw air from the front to the back of your head – keeping you cool and at your peak performance for the duration of your outing. On rainy days, the Sphere can be paired with the Aeroshell available as an accessory to protect you from the elements. To top it off, it features a molded construction and it benefits from details as an element to secure the glasses. Thinner tightening straps. Reflective stickers. And a rear part suitable for ponytails.


  • The ARS allows you to easily adjust the fit using the dial on the top of the helmet. Not only is the ARS suitable for ponytails, but it prevents pain or pressure points by allowing adjustment over the full circumference of the head.
  • Helmet foam is sandwiched around an additional polycarbonate layer
  • Weight: 250g





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